Childrens Beginner Tae Kwon Do Programs

White belt to green belt programs
for children 7-12 years old

Tae kwon do for kids in CalgaryCalgary Taekwondo Academy is much more than just martial arts training. It’s about self improvement in almost every aspect of a child’s life. Besides improving fitness and releasing energy, your child will learn focus, concentration, respect and discipline.

Learn Tae Kwon Do
For over 10 years, Calgary Taekwondo Academy has been offering martial arts programs to children of all ages and abilities. As members of the World Taekwondo Federation of Canada, Calgary Taekwondo Academy is committed to helping children meet their martial arts and personal goals.

Our taekwondo training and fitness programs help:

  • hyper-active kids to calm down and focus;
  • ADD and AHDH children to concentrate;
  • young children to overcome shyness;
  • athletic kids become even more fit;
  • provide a community of peers including social interaction;
  • resist negative peer pressure.

Free Lessons For Kids
Try our tkd programs for free and see for yourself the impact our experienced instructors have on your child.