Our Commitment to the Community

Strong minds and bodies lead to strong communities

Community service at Calgary TaekwondoThe Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy has been a part of the Calgary community for more than a decade. Since 2002, our academy has been working with students of all ages, backgrounds, and physical shapes to help improve people’s lives.

We believe when people have self-respect, trust for others, and overall health and well-being, they help contribute to their communities in positive ways. Taekwondo training promotes values such as honesty, courtesy, loyalty, and cooperation – each an essential component of building a good community.

Some of the way the Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy contributes to the community include:

  • providing a safe, nurturing family-friendly activity that all can enjoy;
  • helping others with learning and personal growth in a supportive environment;
  • focusing on the health and well-being of every student in our academy; and
  • having staff who live what they teach and are committed to community service.

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