Safety at Calgary TKD Academy

Safety, fun, and fitness essential components of program

Safety in martial artsAt the Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy, we are dedicated to providing the safest and highest quality tae kwon do instruction available. We do so in a safe and positive learning environment where people of all ages can learn, improve, and advance in order to maximize their full potential.

Our qualified instructors help students train at their own pace and encourage them – no matter what their age – to continue training throughout their lives. Our instruction stresses control allowing all ages and levels to train safely, while learning proper technique.

We recognize that, as with any sport, there is always the risk of accidental injury. Some of the steps we take to reduce the risks and create a safe, positive and nurturing environment include:

  • creating and maintaining an advanced health and safety policy with detailed risk assessments and emergency plans;
  • ensuring that all our instructors are fully insured, have background checks, and trained to deal with any problems that may occur;
  • requiring our staff to have up-to-date first aid training;
  • training our instructors to ensure they are always fully aware of the physical limitations of each student and able to adapt moves for those with injuries or disabilities; and
  • demonstrating techniques in a step-by-step manner where students learn at their own pace using proper stretching routines, matted flooring and protective safety equipment.

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