Children’s Tae Kwon Do Sparring

Martial arts for kids ages 7-12 years
with a green belt or higher

Taekwondo sparring in CalgaryLearning how to spar is an important aspect of taekwondo. At the Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy we offer sparring lessons that will help take students’ martial arts skills to a higher level.

Sparring requires students to use every tae kwon do technique they have learned. Under the direct supervision of an experienced instructor, TKD sparring helps kids sharpen their learned proficiencies in a safe environment.

The many benefits of sparring include:

  • learning about distance, rhythm, combinations, and timing;
  • improving footwork, speed, balance, technique, and reaction times
  • keeping focus and concentration;
  • conditioning to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance;
  • increasing confidence and overall abilities; and
  • having fun.