Teen & Adult Advanced Taekwondo

Challenge your martial arts skills and go to the next level

Ages 13 & up

Adult Advanced Taekwondo classesAt Calgary Taekwondo Academy, we believe it’s important for students to continually challenge themselves. The best way to do this is to continue at our taekwondo school, take skills to the next level, and move on to advanced tae kwon do.

Our adult advanced taekwondo classes include all aspects of physical conditioning including strength development, cardiopulmonary conditioning, and flexibility training. Through our taekwondo club’s advanced classes, you will see improved self-defense techniques and physical fitness, and the satisfaction of moving up to the next level.

The benefits of taking advanced taekwondo include:

  • improved cardio, strength, and flexibility;
  • weight loss and muscle toning;
  • improved self-respect due to perseverance and confidence;
  • superior self-defense skills; and
  • fun exercise.