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Calgary Karate: Come visit the best martial arts place in southern Alberta

Calgary Karate

Calgary Taekwondo Academy

When you think of Calgary karate, you need look no further than the Calgary Taekwondo Academy. In Calgary karate is often thought to be interchangeable with taekwondo. While karate and taekwondo are similar in that they both teach self-defense and combat skills, taekwondo is a sport that emphasizes developing powerful legs through kicking movements.

As Calgary’s premier family-friendly martial arts school, we welcome students of all ages and abilities. From our Little Tigers program straight to our Adult Advanced classes, we offer something for everyone. We have been around for more than 10 years and our students call the Calgary Taekwondo Academy home. We offer the benefits of a large club but the feel of a small club.

Following are some of the many benefits that the Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy has to offer:

  • knowledgeable, experienced, and patient instructors
  • flexible class schedules with good instructor-student ratios
  • programs that teach self-defense skills
  • classes that develop students both mentally and physically, and
  • a fun way to meet new friends and gain confidence

Whether they are beginners or advanced competitors, the Calgary Taekwondo Academy gets its students excited to showcase their flexibility, strength, endurance, and power.

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