Family Class

TKD Classes for all levels starting at ages 7 and up

Open taekwondo martial artsBeginning a martial arts activity can be daunting. That’s why Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy offers so many varied taekwondo programs. From white belt to black belt, our open classes will provide you with instruction right for you. Our qualified instructors will provide a tkd program that will challenge you – one that you will enjoy and continue.

Our family classes are open to all levels and ages starting at 6.5 years and older. We look forward to helping you discover a new level of mental and physical fitness at our educational and family-oriented academy.

Some of the different benefits offered by the Calgary Taekwondo Academy include:

  • learning a new martial arts program;
  • picking up warm-up sessions, conditioning exercises, drills, and one-on-one instruction;
  • starting with a white belt and working toward a black belt;
  • experiencing something the whole family can do together;
  • combining fun, fitness, and self-defence in one activity; and
  • gaining expertise from patient, enthusiastic, and highly trained instructors.

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