Lunchtime Taekwondo

Lunchtime Taekwondo in Calgary

Martial arts at lunch hour to get fit and have fun

Make the most of your lunch break. The Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy has a solution to a problem vexing so many of us – when to find time and motivation for exercise. Our rousing lunchtime martial arts fitness classes are the perfect way to squeeze in a workout.

Lunchtime taekwondo classes are a fun, interactive, and intensive way to spend your lunch break. Our flexible schedule allows you to choose to attend one or five lunchtime TKD classes per week.

Calgary Taekwondo Academy is only a short distance from downtown commuters. Benefits of our lunchtime taekwondo classes include:

  • a full tae kwon do work out;
  • flexible times to fit your lunch hour;
  • classes for everyone regardless of age, gender, ability or fitness level;
  • 40-minute classes that allow time to eat and shower;
  • qualified instructors who help you meet your fitness or weight loss goals; and
  • a great way to decrease stress and improve mobility and strength.

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