Competitive TKD

Competitive Taekwondo

Demonstrate your proven martial arts
techniques through competition

Competitive teams at Calgary Taekwondo Academy At the Calgary Taekwondo Academy, we know competitive tae kwon do is a way to become a champion in a demanding martial arts sport. Competition pits tae kwon do athletes against each other either in teams or individually. It allows competitors to demonstrate their sparring techniques and strategies, the accuracy and form of their poomsae patterns, and their speed and power in breaking competitions.

At Calgary Taekwondo Academy we offer athletes the chance to be part of our competitive teams to showcase your flexibility, strength, endurance, and power.

Our competitive taekwondo teams teach participants how to:

  • find motivation and set goals;
  • increase strength, explosive power, endurance, and agility;
  • improve kicking, blocking, stepping, and footwork techniques;
  • use attacking and counter-attacking methods;
  • control the match; and
  • train to win.

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