Calgary Taekwondo Reviews

Calgary Taekwondo Reviews

Here is what some people have to say about Calgary Taekwondo…

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So Happy
“Taekwondo academy and all the staff are all very nice to my son. Master Max is very good in handling kids. I’m so happy that I register my son to teakwondo. He was being bullied at school that’s the reason he wanted to learn the martial arts. Now he is confident and starting to be not afraid of the bullies. He is very happy to learn and eager to show me what he learn in the academy every time he will go to his training . Keep up the excellent work you guys do to children. God bless you all.”

Lorena C.
Awesome Birthday Party!
“We just had my son’s 6th birthday party there! It was fantastic!!!!!! Master Lau and Mr. Jacob were excellent with the kids. They kept the kids active and engaged. Thank you so much!”

Leanne V.
“My 9 year old son came to the Academy to try martial arts for the first time. He was a bit apprehensive as this was my suggestion, not his. After his first class, he came out with eyes bright and said it was amazing! We went back for another class 2 days later and he still had the same big smile on his face, so he is now an official student! We are looking forward to an exciting year. (My 7 year old daughter is the next convert!)”

Stephanie W.
Great Adult to Child Ratio, Instructors Have Good Understanding of Introverted Children
“My son enjoyed the variety of activities offered at the camp. The instructors were good at letting him observe until he was comfortable joining the group. His favourite part of camp was the art activities and breaking the cardboard. His least favourite part was the warm ups. Thanks for an enjoyable week at camp.”

Monica T.
Summer Camp
“The kids absolutely loved the camp. They told me how much they loved it every day and said they would definitely go back.”

Sam B.
Taekwondo Day Camp
“My son really enjoyed your camp and rated it 4.5 out of 5. He was happy every day I picked him up and except for having to get up early loved his whole experience. I appreciated the early care option as I was able to schedule around work. Well done!”

Wanda H.
Summer Camp Feedback
“My daughter enjoys your program, she likes the balance of physical activity and crafts. She does well with fair minded adults. She has had a slight issue with some of the younger counselors as their approach with the students varied according to their preferences . We hope to be back next year.”

Rebecca M.
Summer Camp Feedback
“Our daughter was nervous to attend a new camp. After picking her up on day one…she got into our vehicle sooooooooooooo full of joy and excitement. She REALLY loved the day and every single one after that too. You all made her feel safe, she loved the Taekwondo sessions, just loved it…the arts and crafts, swimming etc. The staff obviously are a great group of people. We give you a 5. Thanks for the awesome week and see you next year.”

Tammy P.
Everything I’ve been looking for!
“The classes are well rounded with a warm-up, technique training and forms; which is exactly what I want and need. The instructors are very knowledgeable, skillful and helpful. I’ve been learning and growing a lot while having fun! The one thing that I would make my training more helpful is if there was a handbook for what is expected to receive the next belt, what each form is etc. Which I have expressed and was told by September they would have them, so at least it’s in the works. Other than that, everything is fantastic and I will continue to train here.”

Crystal C.
My son enjoy it and I also enjoy it!
“It has been a great experience for my son so far, he loves going to his classes and I also enjoy watching his performance and how he learns something new every day. Teachers (masters) are great, take the time to teach the kids one on one when kids need it, they have good size classes and student-teacher ratio.”

Massiel S.
Very Professional Indeed
“Although it is less than three months since my son joined training with you it was really fantastic. I say nothing but keep it up.”

Kidane M.
My Review
“I like beginner and advanced people aren’t in the same class, it makes training a lot more comfortable.”

Jimmy F.
Highly Recommended
“Just joined last week, very friendly environment, informative teachers. Will be a member for a long time!”

Mahmoud S.
“Our 2 weeks at the club have proven to be one of the best experiences for our son. We have never seen him so excited to be involved in a sport. He can’t wait to get there. Everyone is so fantastic with the kids. It is great to see such respect for everyone (parents and kids alike). We are thrilled to be a part of your club.”

Andrea H.
Feedback for Calgary Taekwondo Academy
“So far our experience here has been great – very welcoming, flexible and supportive.”

Sue H.
Feedback for Calgary Taekwondo Academy
“It is my son’s first experience with taekwondo academy, he is enjoying the classes and learning new skills every class. We appreciate the hard work of the instructors and the Taekwondo academy team.”

Badia C.
New Little Tiger
“We may be bias due to our 4 yr boy has not fully engage with the class, and we appreciate how he can come and watch the class to help him get comfortable with the new environment. We can feel the instructors are doing there best to help the new “little tigers” to overcome this challenge.”

Gesster R.
Great Kicks
“We’ve had a fun and rewarding experience with Calgary Taekwondo.”

Jason M.
Five Star
“We have just joined and my daughter loves it. Everyone is nice and very informative.”

Samantha M.
My boys are excited to learn
“We have just begun classes but so far so good – our boys are eager to learn and love it.”

Excellent Taekwondo Academy
“I have been very impressed with the Taekwondo Academy’s programs, they make the programs fun but they are also taught discipline. They go that extra mile to make sure that the kids learn the skills and understand that every kid learns at a different pace. Tracy, Doug and the instructors are great with the kids and interact with the parents all the time.”

Julie R.
Great Attitude!
“Instructors are very positive and helpful when I need help with anything and/or I’m not doing something correctly.”

Adam L.
Having Fun
“My son has only had three classes but so far I am fairly impressed. He is enjoying himself.”

Donna S.
Great experience
“I was not sure how much my son would enjoy Taekwondo, but he loves it. I find the instructors makes learning fun for the children. My son always has a wonderful time in class. I’m sure we will carry on for years to come.”

Fatima N.
Engaging class for the kids
“The Tiger class is great! My son really enjoys the class. He was quite hesitant at first as he’s quite shy but his instructor does a fantastic job in engaging the kids and making it fun for them while still maintaining control of the class.”

Shannon T.
Very Good Summer Camp Introduction to Taekwondo
“My son just finished a week of Taekwondo with the Calgary Taekwondo Academy and had a great experience! The bottom line is: he wants MORE lessons… that says it all. Thanks, everyone, for your accommodating and warm approach… and for making the best paper airplanes my son has ever seen :-).”

Kristine F.
Summer Camp 2014
“My son had such a great time at the camp this year, that he has asked to join full time!”

Candace S.
Great Experience with a New Sport
“I have been very impressed with the Calgary Taekwondo Academy. It is a great team. Tracy seems to run the office was very well. She is informative and patient with all of my questions as a newbie. Our daughter’s instructor has been fabulous as well. She has a great balance between smiley, fun and discipline. I find myself smiling as I watch the kids trying to learn new skills. Most importantly, our daughter is loving it! We are looking forward to participating in a new sport.”

Tania J.


Confidence Boosting for Our Son
“My husband and I wanted something new and different for our son to keep him active, engaged and busy. He is not a child destined for soccer or hockey teams but loves spending time with other kids and works well with goals. We thought taekwondo would be a good fit as he would have a community of children to learn with but could attain his own success. He was excited to try the trial classes and after each one came out grinning. After his second class he said “I want to do this!” I noticed while observing how the environment really was positive yet disciplined, two things that he responds well to. He was so excited to get his name in Korean and was so proud to have his own outfit. Everyone at the studio was so pleasant and helpful while our family was figuring out if this is something Isaac would want to pursue. We also found the prices very reasonable. We look forward to our first year at the Academy.”

Jennifer M.
“My son, had his first class on September 3rd. He loves it. We have had an excellent experience since I first walked into the facility. I was struck by the welcoming atmosphere. In particular, I appreciated the opportunity for my children and I to attend one of the Little Tiger classes as observers. We are very pleased – thank you for creating such an inviting atmosphere.”

Trevor M.
Not Sure At First, But Now Loves It
“We registered our son at your academy for the first time this year. I thought the first course was a little too much for my son, and sure enough, after 5 minutes, my son was crying, telling me he could not follow the rest of the group. It is true that he joined the group thinking they were at his level (brand new at taekwondo)…but he realised quickly that those kids had done taekwondo before….So the whole thing became too scary for him….We did not talk about the course over the weekend…and I put his uniform away…On the following Tuesday, I told him we were going back. He happily put his uniform back on, and he told me he would do his best…Sure enough, he loved it! I’m very glad with the lessons. They are a good and intense 30 minute that my son now enjoys.”

Bianca K.
New to Calgary Taekwondo
“We have enrolled our daughter in the beginner class and she seems to really like it. Master’s are really great with kids and so far she loves it!”

Allison C.
Great Classes
“It is very nice to see how CTKD has impacted our son. He is very enthusiastic about attending classes and feels proud to be part of the competiton team. It is nice to see our son return to participating in classes that are organized and challenging. I predict that our son’s abilities will grow quickly and look forward to watching him develop his skills.”

Aarno H.
First Impression
“As a new customer the first impression is important, the classes are perfect evolving every aspect to keep our body in good shape and helping us to developers our best skills as taekwondo students…”

Noe F.
Great Taekwondo School
“Teachers are amazing. They are smart and fully trained. They are professionals. Keep up the good work.”

Florante P.
Like It Very Much!
“Thanks for providing the opportunity to enjoy high level of professionalism of the coaches. I like the classes very much and so does my 8 year old son. Schedules are convenient and flexible. Facilities are good, but could be a little cleaner at the entrance:). And parking is a little challenging.”

Natalya T.

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