Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

Ultimate goal is mental and physical health

pros and cons of taekwondoTaekwondo is a total learning activity – whether you think of it as an ancient Korean martial art or a current Olympic sport, it is a discipline that leads to better mental and physical health.

Students of all ages, backgrounds, and physical abilities take up taekwondo for a variety of reasons. Whether the primary goal is weight loss, fitness and exercise, self defense, or stress reduction, students soon begin to see benefits in all those areas.

Some of the reasons you should consider learning taekwondo at the Calgary Taekwondo Academy include:

  • improving health – a regular TKD exercise program helps people limber up, build stamina, muscle tone and strength, and increase physical coordination, flexibility, and balance;
  • improving concentration – the breathing and focus exercises in TKD lead to better concentration, sharper reflexes, higher energy, and reduced stress and anxiety levels;
  • building confidence – Tae kwon do helps improve self-discipline and respect;
  • stopping bullying – TKD teaches you to recognize when self-defence may be necessary and how to control these situations to your advantage; and
  • having fun with the whole family – the Calgary Tae Kwon Do Academy offers programs for all ages in a safe and family-friendly environment.

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